“I am so grateful for EGLAC and what you offer the people of this area who would otherwise struggle to get legal advice. Your solicitors have seen two people [from St Peter’s Brockley Church] so far and it’s been incredibly helpful!” – Anne Whyte, St Peter’s Brockley Church

“I felt immediately at ease, and to be listened to and not rushed, with calm sound advice from professionals – wonderful! I left a lot calmer and assured. Many many thanks” – client

“I really appreciate your generosity in taking time, energy and sharing further information & links in regards to my query. I am really touched and thank you for your willingness to help and kindness” – signposting query

“We were so grateful for the assistance offered by EGLAC.  The reply to our request was swift and the advice comprehensive and delivered with compassion. We couldn’t be more pleased. We have been able to collect letters and documents we didn’t realise we needed, and are going into court much less anxious than we were. Thank you so much!!” – family law client

“After meeting with my advisor I felt I had a clearer idea of how to approach the housing issues I was dealing with and whether legal action was a viable option or not” – housing client

“I am writing to you today in regards to my experience with the Greenwich local law advisory centre. I was in a terrible state with my law issue and did not know where to turn. I really felt I couldn’t cope anymore until I was informed about your service to Greenwich residents. I made contact and I’m extremely grateful for the professional courteous warm members that volunteer to help support people like myself. My issue was resolved to a high standard and I will be forever grateful I cannot recommend the centre enough”  – family law client

“Just a heartfelt thank you for your time, advice and support”  – litigation client

“I am [name]’s Mum and am writing to say how grateful I am to you for your help in your legal capacity with the court last week and now this (to my mind) confusing letter. I thank you for your help. My son said you contacted him at the weekend which should be your relaxing time. You may be helping my son but you are helping me as I can only listen, this is beyond me. Thank you so very much. I shake your hand” – client 

“EGLAC has, is, making this difficult time in my life bearable. Yes, I’m still stressed, extra meds, voices in my head, even thought about jumping in the river along with the paperwork. With the help and professional legal support I am getting I am not totally beaten. This is manageable with the kindness being shown to me. I am truly grateful” – welfare benefits client supported at tribunal hearing

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your call last week. I’ll admit you caught me a little off guard – because my issues are with mental health rather than physical I tend to think of myself as more lazy/unmotivated than “vulnerable”! However, I was struck by such kindness from a virtual stranger who’s already given me so much support and have thought about it quite a lot since. Your altruistic act has reminded me that it’s really nice to do nice things, and that I am in a difficult position and I can accept help without being a burden. There’s still nothing I need, but I don’t think people express gratitude often enough so wanted to let you know how grateful I am!” – welfare benefits client

“Sadly this experience has destroyed my faith entirely in the judicial system. It seems it favours the wealthy who are able to afford representation. For this reason, I think it’s amazing what you do to offer support to those who can’t afford representation and I hope when I am through this trauma I can perhaps volunteer to help in whichever way I can to assist people who are equally prejudiced, as I have been”litigation client 

“I came across EGLAC when I was desperately trying to find help for my son. Every organisation I had approached before, and there were many, had either turned me down completely or directed me to information that I could have ‘Googled’ myself. When I called EGLAC I had little hope left, but from the first moment I spoke with them I knew these people were different. There was only five days before my son’s hearing and they worked tirelessly for those five days. Against all odds they were successful, not only because they are brilliant lawyers but because they cared. What they were able to do for my son was life changing; what they did for me was restore my faith that there are still a few good people left in the world” – feedback from the mother of a client




London Legal Walk 2024

We had a great time at the London Legal Walk on 18th June, walking 10km alongside thousands of people from the legal profession, advice agencies, judiciary and law schools to support free legal advice services in London and the South East. Thank you to our team for taking part and for all the generous donations,…… Continue reading...